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Posted April 6th, 2016 by Birgit

Holiday Con Queso

Whenever the holidays roll around, I like to make a rich and creamy Con Queso with loads of taste for guests. About 40 years ago when I visited Santa Fe for the first time, I stopped in at the La Fonda Hotel to have a beer. It so happened it was happy hour and they had chips and a Con Queso out for all to enjoy. It was the best Con Queso I had ever had. Having tried many Con Queso’s over the years at many restaurants and parties, none of them ever measured up to the one at La Fonda. There was always something missing. That is, until I came upon this recipe and made a slight change. It’s a fast and easy recipe, and one you’ll get addicted to. The list of ingredients and preparation is short and simple.

1- 8-ounce package of Velveeta
1- can diced green chilies 3 or 4 oz.
1- can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup.
6-7 Tablespoons of Pace Medium Picante Sauce

In a double boiler with about two inches of water in the lower pan, place the Velvetta in the upper pan, broken up to aid the melting. When the cheese is just about melted, stir in the can of soup with a whisk and mix well. When those ingredients are well heated and mixed add the can of Hatch green diced Chile and the Picante sauce and mix. You can vary the amount of sauce to your liking and also go with a hotter or milder sauce if you like. Be sure all the ingredients are well melted, heated and mixed before serving with corn chips.

Some great beers that go well with the Con Queso are Sierra Blanca’s Nut Brown Ale or Alien Ale; Samuel Adams October Fest, Blue Moon Heffe Weizen or any good Heffe Weizen. Happy Holidays!

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